What are Roman blinds?

Thu 14 Aug 2014 Amy @ Roman Blinds Direct

What are Roman blinds?

It may seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, but here at Roman Blinds Direct, we know how important the basics are. That’s why we want to give you the low-down on all aspects of Roman blinds, ensuring that you know the product inside out prior to purchasing.

What are Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are made from fabric that is designed to pleat when raised. The blinds are constructed by mounting slats, which are connected to cords, into the back of a fabric panel. When the blind is lifted, the cords pull the slats together and force the blind to fold into pleats.

Different types of fabric can be used for Roman blinds, from silk and linen to cotton and synthetics. They are a great alternative to curtains, as there’s a huge variety of colours, patterns and textiles is available.

Roman blinds allow for easy and effective light control. They can be adjusted depending on the time of day or season, and blackout options are available if total darkness is required. By choosing thermal lining, they can also be made more energy efficient.

What are Roman blinds?

This type of blind can be fitted either outside or within the recess. We recommend opting for outside, as it allows for increased light and is very easy to fit. Plus, bounce-back won’t be an issue, and the fabric is less likely to fade in the sunlight.

Roman blinds are easy to use and they look fantastic. Plus, there’s something to suit all budgets; affordability depends upon the type of fabric and size, as well as the choice of headrails.

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