SYW: Roman Blinds For Bedrooms

Fri 13 May 2016 James Nuttall


Welcome to the very first edition of our Styling Your Windows (SYW) series. We are so excited to be finally bringing this series of articles to you, and especially pleased that the first installment is taking place right here at Roman Blinds Direct, although there will be articles hosted across several of the sites which make up the IGD group.

This series will be putting the spotlight on various rooms in the home and explaining which window furnishings are the perfect match – every room has different needs, after all. Our Inspiration page will then follow up on this advice and provide tips on how to style the entire room, incorporating all the latest trends, colours and styles, including tips from interior stylists and designers. This week, we have two fantastic designers, who have graciously gifted our Inspiration article with some great insights.

Today, we are beginning SYW with that most important of rooms, the room in which we probably spend more time than any other, the bedroom. Roman blinds look spectacular in any room in the home, but there are significant properties they possess which make them ideal for the bedroom.

Roman blinds have a look of luxury about them; the elegant folds in the fabric, which stylishly unfurl as you pull down the blind, go a long way towards adding a serious touch of sophistication and refinement to your decor, and the vast array of colours and patterns available on our site mean that you truly can create a one-of-a-kind interior.

There probably isn’t another room where it is more important to have the correct type of window furnishing than the bedroom; this is the room where you rest up after a long day, ready for tomorrow. It should be a haven of peace, relaxation and tranquility, undisturbed by the outside world, and it is because of this that we recommend none other than roman blinds for the bedroom.
Who doesn’t want a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep? Thanks to the roman blind, this is easily achievable; not only do these blinds stop light from blazing straight through your window, they also work hard to block out the light around your window, which may sneak around the side gaps left by curtains.

Rio Mushroom Roman Blind

A blackout roman blind in particular swiftly becomes the bedroom’s best friend when put to the test. First of all, they stop at nothing to ensure your privacy at any time of day; thanks to the extra-thick lining, a blackout roman blind will prevent shadows from being cast across the fabric, promising the ultimate solitude.

Maintaining your privacy is merely the cherry on the cake of a blackout roman blind’s capabilities, however. The real beauty of blackout is the lengths it goes to in order to give you total darkness when you turn out the light. The extra-thick lining blocks out all external light, such as that generated by street lamps or car headlights, not to mention the merciless glare from the sun first thing in the morning.

This lining is a gift that keeps on giving, though. Aside from seriously reducing the amount of external light that enters your home, the lining also acts as something of a sound-proofer, helping to muffle outside noises.

Possibly the biggest and most miraculous advantage of a blackout roman blind is that it is actually a sound financial investment when it comes to saving money on your energy bills. The thick lining of a blackout blind helps to retain heat, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing warmth during the colder months as you try to sleep. Similarly, because they help to block out the sun, they also prevent your home from becoming a suntrap during the summer, eliminating the necessity for fans and air conditioning to keep you cool in bed.

As if this plethora of advantages wasn’t enough to convince you that roman blinds are both the most practical, functional and fashionable addition to a bedroom, our Inspiration article will also show you how to achieve a modern and soothing decor in the bedroom, incorporating, of course, roman blinds. Why not take a look, now?


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