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Sun 12 Jun 2016 James Nuttall

iLiv Aquitaine Rose - roman blind

It may not exactly be a day that incurs festive songs and greetings cards, but today is Red Rose Day – an event celebrated all over the world.

Despite not having an official date – it is celebrated on days all over the calendar – June 12 is the most universally accepted date for this celebration, probably thanks to June being the month that red roses are in full bloom in gardens throughout the world.

The sweet meaning behind this day is to honour the most common physical symbol of romance and love. Roses are a universal emblem of love; wedding bouquets, corsages, the list goes on. Of course, roses can also be incorporated into your decor, and we don’t just mean by placing them in a vase – although that’s a good way to enrich your home with love, too!

Rose is a popular and beautiful colour to incorporate into your home, creating a feminine and chic atmosphere, and we have a selection of rose roman blind fabric on our website.

The interior designers here at Roman Blinds Direct are particularly keen to draw your attention to the rose fabric pictured above, Iliv Aquitaine Rose. This soft rose shade incorporates a dainty floral pattern, and can be manufactured into either a made to measure roman blind or a pair of bespoke curtains. Don’t forget that our exceptional seamstresses can also make our fabric into gorgeous complementary cushions.

Have you incorporated roses into your decor? Let us know in the comments!

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