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Tue 19 Jul 2016 James Nuttall

Bundles of Fun projects

Our brand new and exclusive Bundles of Fun have proved to be a popular product with our customers, and it’s little wonder to us here at Roman Blinds Direct; these fabric boxes each contain over 4kg of varied fabric, the very same fabric that is used to create our roman blinds, curtains and cushions. Each box is lovingly packed by hand by one of our seamstresses and tied up with string; to see their beauty for yourself, just click here.

It really is staggering just how much fun you can have with fabric; we have showcased a wide range of arts and crafts projects you can work on, either with the kids or by yourself, and we have also gifted some of these boxes to various bloggers, who were only too happy to write about their projects.

Each bundle contains a wide assortment of colours and patterns, meaning that your creations will be completely unique.

If you have only just caught on to our Bundles of Fun, we don’t want you to feel left behind in what you can make, which is why we have selected a few of our most popular ideas and included them below to give you some inspiration!


Sleeping masks


Initially thought up by us as a beautiful and from-the-heart Mother’s Day gift, these sleeping masks are a dainty and elegant gift which also provide a functional purpose as well as an attractive accessory for your bedroom. Our fabric sleeping masks, despite looking so artistic and professional, are actually very easy to create and, providing you use a flexible and elasticated strap for the back, they promise to provide years of style.



resized _2

A stroke of genius for World Book Day 2016, these fabric bookmarks are one of our favourite creations at Roman Blinds Direct. Not only are the bookmarks very pleasing, aesthetically, they are also the simplest item to create. Keep track of your reading in style with a one-of-a-kind bookmark to mark your page, courtesy of our creative team. We actually created a handy and easily followed infographic for this item, which takes you through the process, step-by-step. You can view this by clicking here.


Fabric Garlands

resized _1

Don’t feel restricted to just making love heart garlands, this is just our fabulous example. However, if you would like to make your very own hearts, information on how to create them can be found right here. Our Bundles of Fun can be used to create all kinds of decorative bunting and garlands, such as alphabet letters, numbers, even keyrings- all you need is fabric and some stuffing.

If you have created any of our suggestions for yourself, we would absolutely love to see your efforts. Similarly, if you have made something totally unique, we’d love to see that, too. Why not send a picture to our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages?

Be sure to keep checking our blog, we are currently working with Making For Charity, creating tote bags for palliative care, and we have many more crafty projects planned!


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