Upgrade any blind to Blackout Lining

Blackout Roman Blinds

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We pride ourselves on having the largest range of quality materials available to make roman blinds, and all of our designs and materials can be used to create blackout roman blinds.

Any of our roman blinds can be manufactured with a blackout layer, which will ensure that any light is completely blocked. Whether it’s sunlight, bright streetlights or security lights that are disturbing your sleep, blackout roman blinds can completely solve the problem.

Some of the best rooms to use blackout blinds in are nurseries or children’s bedrooms where designs for kids blinds can be combined with a blackout layer to ensure that children are able to sleep undisturbed.

Blackout roman blinds are ideal in rooms which face busy roads, where car headlights or bright street lighting can make it impossible to control the levels of light in your own home. Blackout blinds are the perfect option for anyone wanting a stylish solution to bright external light.

They’re also a 100% effective way to eliminate glare from the sun at certain times of the day or year. You could even use them to completely block out light to a room with large windows, creating your own home cinema experience, just add popcorn!

Simply choose to add a blackout layer to your made-to-measure roman blind. It wouldn't change the design or operation of the blind, which will still look exactly the same, except it will now prevent any light from showing through the material.

Our pattern of waking up in the morning and being active during the day, when it is light, and of sleeping at night, when it is dark, is how humans have evolved for millions of years. We have only recently started to understand the real importance of sleep and how human beings respond to light and darkness.

Exposure to light stimulates our brains, releasing hormones and sending signals to our bodies that it’s time to be awake. This can be especially problematic for shift workers or night workers who need to sleep during the day. Blackout roman blinds can help to create a dark environment even on the brightest summer days, helping you to sleep.

Sleep is essential for the development and growth of babies and children; a new-born needs in excess of 16 hours sleep every day! But it can be difficult for children to sleep in rooms which are too light, either because the sun is still up when it's time for them to go to bed, or because it wakes them up too early in the morning. Or bright lights outside, from a neighbour's security light or passing car's headlights, can disturb their sleep.

Blackout blinds are ideal for children's bedrooms and nurseries. And our blackout roman blinds can be made from any material we have, including these designs for kid’s blinds!